About Us

The Verdugo Workforce Development Board (VWDB), which was created by the 2000 federal Workforce Development Act, develops workforce policies and oversees state and federal funding for the cities of Burbank, Glendale and La Canada Flintridge.

The VWDB is comprised of 31 board of directors that are executives at local businesses, education, community organizations, government, and labor.

The VWDB has two primary customers: job seekers and local businesses. Through its service providers, the Verdugo Jobs Center and the Burbank WorkForce Connection, the VWDB helps job seekers to find job opportunities and build careers through job training. The VWDB also helps identify business needs and provides direct assistance to businesses that may have workforce needs, capital needs, or other service needs.

The VWDB has been instrumental in helping to boost the local economy and to prepare workers for the jobs in demand in the region. Some examples:

The VWDB has won over $5 million in funding to provide retraining for over 2,000 local entertainment workers that were impacted by the advances in digital technology in the entertainment industry. The work of the VWDB had a major impact in keeping worker skills competitive and keeping jobs locally.
The VWDB acquired over $1 million to train 100 new nurses and provide upgrade training to over 200 registered nurses at four local hospitals. This work helped to alleviate a serious nursing shortage of 400-500 unfilled nursing openings at the local hospitals.
With the closure of the Lockheed Corporation in Burbank and the layoff of over 9,000 workers, the VWDB was the only entity designated to assist the thousands of workers impacted by the closure at a time when 160,000 aerospace/defense workers were laid off in Southern California.