Board Member Spotlight – Darlene Sanchez

photo Darlene Sanchez
Darlene Sanchez

The VWDB would like to extend its congratulations to board member Darlene Sanchez, who, after years of dedicated service to the City of Glendale, has accepted a new position at a nearby municipality.

In her role at the City of Glendale’s Community Development Department, Darlene oversaw projects serving the City’s business community; more recently, this included creating the City of Glendale’s Business Recovery Strategy, as well as its Personal Protective Equipment Grant program, both of which are providing critical assistance to Glendale’s pandemic-impacted businesses at this time.

In previous years, as a result of Darlene’s efforts, Glendale has enhanced its arts and entertainment district, attracted vibrant restaurants and new hotels, and established an interconnected technology and innovation sector.

Over the 4 years that Darlene served as a VWDB board member, she consistently contributed her invaluable experience and insight to the VWDB’s discussions shaping workforce policy.

The VWDB would like to acknowledge Darlene’s service to the board, thank her for her contributions, and wish her the very best in her new position!