One-Stop Partner Meeting, Sept 10 and BOD Executive Committee Meeting Sept 11, 2019

There are an upcoming VWDB One-Stop Partnership Meeting on Tuesday Sept 10 and an Executive Committee Meeting on Wednesday September 11, 2019. Location:

Verdugo Jobs Center, Victory Salon (2nd Floor) 1255 S. Central Ave, Glendale 91204

Click here for One Stop Partner Agenda and Minutes

Click here for BOD Executive Committee Meeting Agenda and Minutes.

Glendale Tech Week 2019

Innovation peaks in the silicon mountains.

SEPTEMBER 14-21,2019

Glendale, California boasts a thriving tech ecosystem that is home to over 1000 high tech firms that generate over $5 billion dollars in sales each year and employ over 41,000 people. Get in on the action during Glendale Tech Week 2019 and during our year round programming.

Link for 2019 tech week details

Tech News Alert: Avoid Online Skimmers

More than 100 e-commerce sites around the world are infected with malicious code designed to surreptitiously skim payment card data from visitors after they make purchases. Among those infected are US-based websites that sell dental equipment, baby merchandise, and mountain bikes.

There’s no easy way for people to know for sure if an e-commerce site they’re browsing is infected. Malwarebytes and many other endpoint security programs will block the best-known campaigns, but new ones pop up so often that these products can’t be expected to catch all of them. People should never use debit cards when making online purchases. Credit card users should be sure to check their statements each month for fraudulent charges. People may also want to consider using temporary cards that have small, fixed lines of credit.