Biocom Institute Technician Certification (BioTC) Assessment Exam Registration

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Additional information about the BioTC assessment exam.

  • The BioTC online assessment exam is free and open to graduates of Bioscience, Biotechnology, and other related science programs.
  • A photo identification card (i.e. a student ID card or driver’s license) is required to register for and take the exam.
  • Verification that student completed a BioTechnology, BioManufacturing or BioScience related program (i.e. certificate of completion).
  • The online exam is administered and proctored by Los Angeles Mission College.
  • The two-hour exam includes 120 questions covering core competencies required for entry-level BioTechnology or BioManufacturing Technician.
  • Students who pass the exam with a score of 70% or higher earn the industry-recognized BioTC digital badge to be used on resumes, social media profiles, CVs, and other mediums.
  • Exam scores are immediately available upon completion of the exam.
  • Students may retake the exam for a maximum of three attempts.
  • Additional details, instructions, and requirements will be sent to student once your exam registration has been confirmed.
  • All Students are required to review and accept the Code of Ethical Conduct when they register.


Call (818) 937-8051 or email


Code of Ethical Conduct

The foundation for all businesses, in particular, LifeScience and BioScience, is integrity and following ethical principles. The overall purpose of the Biocom Institute Technician Credential (BioTC) is to validate the competencies achieved by students completing or graduating from a BioScience or Science related program. Students who earn a 70% score or higher will earn the BioTC, in the form of a digital badge and create a pool of qualified job candidates that can be interviewed and hired by BioScience employers. Qualifications are evaluated from the moment that a student registers for the assessment by providing accurate and valid information and identification. All students are required to pledge to uphold ethical and professional principles as they complete the assessment.

Three principles are the foundation of the BioTC Code of Ethical Conduct. These principles are intended to maintain integrity in the assessment process. Known violations should be reported as soon as practical to the BioTC Coordinator, who will not release the source of the information without permission.

The BioTC Coordinator can be reached by phone at (818) 937-8051 or through email at

Principle 1: Protect the Integrity of the Assessment Process and BioTC
Students will confirm their identity prior to the start of the assessment and follow all assessment instructions and will only use the information and tools provided by BioTC for use during the assessment. To maintain this principle, students pledge to:

  • provide BioTC Collaborative, accurate student information including verification of the BioScience, BioTechnology or Science related program completed, and confirm student identification with a valid photo identification card;
  • only use the calculator provided through Canvas for any calculations during the assessment;
  • only use a blank sheet of paper and one pencil during the assessment. Proctor will check paper to make sure it is blank;
  • not use cell phones or other electronic devices during the assessment;
  • report any technical difficulties with the Canvas system immediately to the instructor;
  • turn on and leave on the computer camera/video throughout the entire process until the instructor completes the assessment process;

Principle 2: Exhibit Professional Conduct
Students will conduct themselves professionally, guided by truth, accuracy, fairness, respect, thoughtfulness, and responsibility in their interactions with employers and their representatives, BioTC Team members, and other students. To maintain this principle, students pledge to:

  • Demonstrate respect for the diversity of culture, and values of people and organizations involved in the BioTC process and employers that are interviewing and hiring.
  • ;
  • Provide accurate information when promoting the BioTC and your participation. Students may use the following designation in resumes and biographies: Recipient of the Biocom Institute Technician Credential (BioTC).
  • Keep in mind that behavior, actions, and speech reflect upon the BioTC that have been issued to individuals a

Principle 3: Protect the Promise of Confidentiality
The BioTC Collaborative will safeguard the confidences of all students who register for the assessment and those who participate in the assessment process. To maintain this principle, the BioTC Collaborative pledges the following:

  • No personal information will be provided to any entity outside of the BioTC Collaborative without prior approval from the student.
  • Individual student assessment scores will not be shared with employers or any entity outside of the BioTC Collaborative.
  • The BioTC Collaborative partner, the Verdugo Jobs Center, will contact each student who earns a credential to confirm their interest in having their resume entered in the Biocom Career Portal for employer access.

To maintain this principle, students pledge to;

  • Not disclose the assessment questions.
  • Not disclose the names or information about other students participating in the assessment.
  • Not copy assessment questions or take pictures of the assessment questions.