SBA/SCORE LA Webinar: Using Your YouTube Channel for Marketing – Sept 1, 2021 at 10am PDT

Webinar fee: $20

What does a well-crafted video, as part of your well-planned, professionally created marketing plan, do for you and your business? If your potential clients are part of the 65% of the population that are visual learners, then the answer is A WHOLE BUNCH. And when you realize that 90% of the information that your brain processes are visual, it is obvious that using video to market your business is increasingly more important.

What You Will Learn:
• 10 video topics that will build your business.
• 14 ways to make your videos instantly more effective.
• Tips to make your video backgrounds better.
• The opportunity to have a video interview created for you for free that promotes your business.
• First steps to take PLUS Free Stuff

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