When Tech Media Starts Telling Us to Go Back to Emailing – Maybe We Should Listen

From Digital Media Magazine Fast Comany

It amazes me how many communication “solutions” are available nowadays–and yet, we feel more stressed than ever. We talk endlessly about focus and productivity but the very same tools that claim to offer these values appear to make the situation worse.

It’s no coincidence that burnout levels are at an all-time high, and our attention spans are blitzed. How can we be expected to focus when alerts are constantly going off in the background, not to mention the battle to stay on top of hundreds of conversations scattered throughout our numerous apps?

Email, on the other hand, is simple. It’s unified. It’s an open channel of communication that is used worldwide to maintain an open dialogue both inside and out of the workplace.

The problem is, people still aren’t using it properly. They spend endless hours trying to grapple with a bloated inbox, and then, frustrated, turn to other apps for help. This only fuels the problem, making workflow confused and fractured. . . . . full article